What Days are These?

Well here I am, a Blogger with a web site.   Encouragement from my Literary Agent, the Creative Conferences & Photographers Group and absolute curiosity about how ALL of  THIS  works-has brought me thus far. I have spent the past hour trying to pick the look that best describes me in  3 seconds or less- since that is all one gets, it seems, as people scroll and click through life these days.

I chose the misty Trees, or I should say the Trees chose me -as I too got  busy clicking and scrolling around  the Word press site in 3 second intervals looking for the perfect page.The page that says I want to be a successful Photo journalist, and write a book, then a screen play into a fabulous movie …here is all my “stuff”

But Trees and leaves – the wind are what I am made of- so why show anything other than that?

I hope your visits here are always filled with great joy- or at the very  least- thought provoking.

Good Night to All – Bev Struble


4 comments on “What Days are These?

  1. Sue says:

    Hey Bev,
    Wow, the garden piece was magical….I was encouraged to go to the window that overlooks my now snowy garden…..So much to hope for..thanks Sue

  2. Congrats!! This looks great! And, thanks for the plug for the Creative Conferences!

  3. Beverly,
    Looking good; I’m impressed !
    Good luck in your new endeavor and please keep me posted, I’m terrible at following so, you must HOLLER at me whenever something new shows up here.


  4. Jason says:

    I look forward to reading all you have to impart, Flower. Good luck with the new venture!

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