A Tribute to Gypsy

How LUCKY was I, to have you trot into my Heart!!!

Thank you for everything you taught me – the lessons live on-in the snow filled gullies and the sweet sounds of  Spring Peepers. I hear your voice nicker every time I open a barn door and feel your thundering hooves whenever  the winds blow.

There is nothing found on this Earth the same color as your Mane and tail nor can I find anything as deep and gentle  brown as the color of your eyes.

I miss you, but  I know you are well. I see you galloping  across the starry  night skies with all the  Friends  that came for you that sweet Saint Paddy’s Day.

Where's my Carrot?.


2 comments on “A Tribute to Gypsy

  1. Beverly, this is a touching tribute to Gypsy. As you know, horses are one of the most caring and sensitive animals on Earth and how special and lucky you are to have had your relationship with this sweet soul. That is a great picture of both of you and very obvious that you loved each other very much.

    Colleen O’Neill

  2. Sweet post and a fine tribute.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day !


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