Feline Writer’s Block

Feline Writer's Block

Every Morning I sit down with my cup of Starbucks, full of creative determination-and just like that it sets in-


Before I can even get the computer turned on some version of it shows up and completely bogs down the entire works. This photo shows the “Oliver” variety, which involves a lot of face nuzzling, chirping and the disappearance of the lap. The “Oliver” version of writer’s block also causes the arms not to be long enough to reach the keyboard of the laptop computer-which is now a Kneetop computer.

The “Oliver” version of feline writer’s block was first discovered as a kitten under a teal blue, Thunderbird convertible behind an old barn. Lurking nearby were the “Pandora and Calico” varieties of feline writers block as well.

Each version of Feline Writer’s block presents itself in different ways. The “Calico” version gets involved in the mechanical operation of the process- as in helping to type. The “Pandora” version manifests as the screen chaser, seeing things moving on the screen. For the safety of my laptop/ kneetop causes the complete shutdown and relocation of my portable office.

Who knew something as innocent as a momma cat and her kittens would bring such mayhem into my work place!!!

Calico -typist extraordinaire

However, I would not trade this version of writer’s block for the world!

Now, if I could just train them to go get me more coffee!!

Pandora -the Screen Chaser


6 comments on “Feline Writer’s Block

  1. ryukyumike says:

    No cats around my house; Siberian Huskies and kittys just don’t mix. This post did remind me of something I saw on TV awhile back. This guy had a wolf or part-wolf pet and it was jealous of all the time his master spent on the computer so, took the laptop out in yhe yard, dug a hole and buried it !

    • Bev Struble says:

      I had a Chow Shepard that was nursed by a Cat-he adored them!! I also fostered a Husky that was raised around Cats- everyone got along famously. I have found that much depends on how Puppy-kins was socialized around Cats- if at all-that is the gauge of the response to Cats.
      I have also found that bringing a Puppy to be raised into a house of Cats teaches the Puppy to respect Cats. The temperament of the older established Dog household is the determining factor on how well or easily a dog and cat will get along. I help place dogs into their Forever homes and the Cat question is an important one to consider for everyone’s sake!!!
      And just like people- each critter has its own unique personality-some of my cats LOVED the Dogs- and some of the Cats just hiss. The one Husky dog would chase just one of the cats- and then fall asleep in a pile with the other Cats..

  2. When it comes down to it, you are right to still appreciate this feline writers block. I used to have the same problem with my cat who passed away 3 years ago. He loved the heat of my laptop and always tried to get right on top of the keyboard. I’d give anything to have that kind of writers block back. Enjoy your kitties. 🙂


    • Bev Struble says:

      Cats can also be looked at as Feline Life Editors- I have to slow down and pay attention to what I am dong in all aspects of life when one of them wants to share my lap or the computer!! A wise person once said that Humans would do well to ALWAYS pay attention to what Cats do- they are great teachers!! thanks for input – B

  3. Beverly J Struble says:

    Ahhh.. the Pip syndrome— I have ONLY heard of it- NOW I know someone who has it!!! Bless you with that!! LOL B

  4. Judy says:

    Really enjoyed this one! Probably because I can relate with my own work related blocks. Your Pandora version sounds related to my own Pip-syndrome. However, mine involves Excel spread sheet difficulties. Good luck and let me know if you can train them to fetch coffee!

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