A Grand Dame with Great Danes – A Tribute to my Mom

A Great Dame with Great Danes

This is a photo of Bernice Ann Kaminsky Nutt-my Mom.

Mom is dressed in her favorite riding shirt and jodhpurs.

Of course you can’t see the jodhpurs because of the team of Great Danes she is hugging.

Mom loved dogs and cats and birds. Mom loved all creatures great and small. She taught all of her offspring to be kind and compassionate to all living beings- even bugs.

Mom taught me all sorts of wonderful and useful things about life. I guess that is what moms do- teach their offspring how to keep going by giving them skills to survive. Like not to wear white after Labor Day and to eat fruit everyday.

I was so lucky to have a woman like Bernice Ann Kaminsky Nutt as my mother-because she really cared about showing her children the simple pleasures and magic in the world.

Mom taught me to listen how the rain sounded falling on the leaves and the trees. Mom also reassured me that thunder was just God and the Angels bowling in Heaven. I remember how she would open a window after a storm and exclaim how clean everything smelled!

Mom showed me what the words endurance and determination meant by sifting through miles of snowflakes in search of a lost birthstone ring. The little purple gemstone was eventually found in the middle section of a large Snowman a week later.

Mom celebrated all the seasons with such joy- Spring was her favorite  season because the daffodils were showing up along with the new Sears catalogue. We would sit for hours and dream about what outfits we would like to order.

Summers were filled with planting flowers, visiting my cousins and planning our annual trip to the beach. Momma loved the Ocean-She would cry tears of Joy when we arrived and cry tears of sorrow when we left. Every night would find her sitting vigil on the balcony, just listening to the surf.

My Mom had the most wonderful smile, sunny Blonde hair, and Blue eyes the color of Heaven. She had delicate strong hands that tied shoelaces, wiped tears and sewed ballerina costumes into all hours of the night.

I love my Mom so much and have been so blessed to be able to enjoy all that she was willing to share. The gift of looking at life with such a child like view- even as an adult- is the greatest legacy she could have left with me.

My wish- to honor my Mom- is to continue to carry that child like wonder while looking at life- forward.

At least I have the Dog Hugging part down- B

Buster at the LAzy B

Like Mother Like Daughter


4 comments on “A Grand Dame with Great Danes – A Tribute to my Mom

  1. Judy says:

    Hey Bev, I let Kate read this post. (as well as your others). She looked at me and said, “Was Grandma really like that?” She never knew the healthy, happy woman you described here. Thanks for letting Kate see the Mom we knew and loved! Love-ya! Judy

  2. Annette says:

    You brought tears to my eyes….and yes made me realize how lucky I am to still have my mom…..Thanks Netty

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you for reminding me. I am blessed to have my mom, but you make me realize how amazing any time with her is. I know someday she will be gone and I too will remember how lucky I was…Thanks, Sue

  4. Mike says:

    Lovely tribute to a fine lady !

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