By Beverly J Struble

March 20,2010

It’s Time to Plant the Peas!

Even though there might be a pocket of snow tucked hither and thither around the Laurel Highlands -Saint Patrick’s Day has arrived- and tradition calls for the planting of Peas!

If you don’t have a spare packet of peas sitting around your house there is still plenty of time to head to the garden store or order online.

Here is a list of seed companies that have beautiful illustrations, educational information, and most importantly wonderful organic heirloom seeds!

Seeds of Change

Baker Creek

Turtle Tree Seed

Botanical Interests

Now that you have the Pea Seeds in hand, head out to the garden and find a spot that will receive the least amount of sun as the growing season unfolds- for Peas like the soil cool. If the Pea variety is of the trellis type, fashion a tee- pee out of 4 branches or interlace shorter branches together creating a brush fence. Using cotton string, weave around the tee-pee to secure and create climbing strings for the peas plants as they vine.

Creating shade for the Pea Plants as Spring turns into Summer will extend the growing and harvesting season. Be creative -use an umbrella on top of the tee-pee or invest in a shade cloth that can also be used as a frost cloth for late in the season crops.

The Garden Devas

would love to help you plan & plant

A Wonderful

Vegetable or Flower Garden

This growing season!!!

BEE in touch!


One comment on “Articles

  1. Susan Lovette says:

    Beverly, you are truly talented………..each line that you type is filled with so much feeling….I love the piece about your mom…… and your sisters were truly blessed to have such an amazing mother who taught you about life. It seems to me that she wanted her daughters to appreciate nature and balance…it’s makes me pause and think to make sure I do this with my children. I am blessed to find you in my circle of very good friends…have a blessed day…Sue

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