The Bird Tulip- a flower of Hope for all my unknown Friends!

Late Thursday night  or early Friday morning actually.

Two days before the Spring equinox 2011.

The Wind is whooshing around the bare branches – the Super Moon is High in the Sky- there is alot going on in Our World.

Everyone- ALL of  YOU- US- are on my mind tonight….maybe it is the wind that brings these thoughts of US together?

I send you all a flower- a  Tulip- photographed by a soft lovely pool of water.

The pine boughs  that hug the bank, catch the water as the winds dip the branches into the restful green of Peace.

Peace to all of you my fellow Humans-

I know not who all of you are- but my thoughts are with you as if we were the best of Friends.

In some ways we are best of Friends…

I am praying for your Safety…for your Courage….for your Success in all you Dream.

Thank you for Opening  your Hearts to One Another — For  Helping  One Another

Follow your Hearts to a Better way – A kinder way

Angels Be with you ALL…..Love Bev