The Bird Tulip- a flower of Hope for all my unknown Friends!

Late Thursday night  or early Friday morning actually.

Two days before the Spring equinox 2011.

The Wind is whooshing around the bare branches – the Super Moon is High in the Sky- there is alot going on in Our World.

Everyone- ALL of  YOU- US- are on my mind tonight….maybe it is the wind that brings these thoughts of US together?

I send you all a flower- a  Tulip- photographed by a soft lovely pool of water.

The pine boughs  that hug the bank, catch the water as the winds dip the branches into the restful green of Peace.

Peace to all of you my fellow Humans-

I know not who all of you are- but my thoughts are with you as if we were the best of Friends.

In some ways we are best of Friends…

I am praying for your Safety…for your Courage….for your Success in all you Dream.

Thank you for Opening  your Hearts to One Another — For  Helping  One Another

Follow your Hearts to a Better way – A kinder way

Angels Be with you ALL…..Love Bev


A ButterFly- disguised as a Caterpillar!

As I was walking down my drive this lovely September Saturday – I spied in the early morning Sun- a very interesting looking Caterpillar trying to look like a flower stem!

I had my trusty mobile phone in hand….

( I still can’t REALLY fathom I can take a picture with my phone and then send it to my wireless laptop computer and then send it all on to you good folks…BUT…..I digress)…..

And got down to ” BUG level” to see what I could see…

What a dapper looking Future Butterfly !

All sleek neat and shiny black body with two shades of lime green rings and sunny yellow dots symmetrically adorning the pre- Chrysalis stage of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly-

THIS is even MORE fascinating than the phone/camera technology!

The METAMORPHOSIS of the Butterfly….
Stop to ponder if you will…
From little eggs..
to larva …
to Caterpillar..
to Cacoon …….to BUTTERFLY!!
And sometimes the Caterpillar sheds and grows a few time before it cacoons!!

That is about 5 costume changes in less than a growing season!!!

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar diet includes Queen Ann’s Lace- of which I had plenty growing in my yard this year-

Wild Carrot- Lunch for Swallow Tail Caterpillars

much to the dismay of the neighbors…
and the police…

who said my yard had “weeds” and was a health hazard
……and charged me with a non traffic violation…

I plead not guilty-
and am in a “compromise” process with the Magistrate-
to save some of the meadow/ and wildflowers…which is a good thing.

But I feel  sad for all the caterpillars that I mowed over as I had to “clean up” the Queen Ann’s lace/aka weeds to  keep everyone else happy….
But what about keeping the Caterpillar happy and safe..with a food source and a home ?

What an amazing thing this Caterpillar can do- Metamorphosis-

I hope man can do the same  someday soon….
from the attachment to mowing grass!

The Winter Garden

The garden in winter, sits there staring back at you in silence.  The frozen plot, a blank canvas, waits for seed packet dreams to take hold whenever the snows quit falling. The magic of potential calls to the gardener in these quiet months of winter. We redesign and imagine plantings differently-better- than the season before. Each winter we hope to start more seeds earlier and harvest crops later for the next planting year. The Winter garden allows us to remember the wonders of small little seeds bringing forth such beautiful colors and flavors that feed our families and friends. Every Season serves a purpose. In the emptiness, the Winter garden gives us a clean slate. There is room to dream the promises of Spring.-keeping the faith of a future unfolding and always, always having hope.