The Bird Tulip- a flower of Hope for all my unknown Friends!

Late Thursday night  or early Friday morning actually.

Two days before the Spring equinox 2011.

The Wind is whooshing around the bare branches – the Super Moon is High in the Sky- there is alot going on in Our World.

Everyone- ALL of  YOU- US- are on my mind tonight….maybe it is the wind that brings these thoughts of US together?

I send you all a flower- a  Tulip- photographed by a soft lovely pool of water.

The pine boughs  that hug the bank, catch the water as the winds dip the branches into the restful green of Peace.

Peace to all of you my fellow Humans-

I know not who all of you are- but my thoughts are with you as if we were the best of Friends.

In some ways we are best of Friends…

I am praying for your Safety…for your Courage….for your Success in all you Dream.

Thank you for Opening  your Hearts to One Another — For  Helping  One Another

Follow your Hearts to a Better way – A kinder way

Angels Be with you ALL…..Love Bev


A ButterFly- disguised as a Caterpillar!

As I was walking down my drive this lovely September Saturday – I spied in the early morning Sun- a very interesting looking Caterpillar trying to look like a flower stem!

I had my trusty mobile phone in hand….

( I still can’t REALLY fathom I can take a picture with my phone and then send it to my wireless laptop computer and then send it all on to you good folks…BUT…..I digress)…..

And got down to ” BUG level” to see what I could see…

What a dapper looking Future Butterfly !

All sleek neat and shiny black body with two shades of lime green rings and sunny yellow dots symmetrically adorning the pre- Chrysalis stage of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly-

THIS is even MORE fascinating than the phone/camera technology!

The METAMORPHOSIS of the Butterfly….
Stop to ponder if you will…
From little eggs..
to larva …
to Caterpillar..
to Cacoon …….to BUTTERFLY!!
And sometimes the Caterpillar sheds and grows a few time before it cacoons!!

That is about 5 costume changes in less than a growing season!!!

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar diet includes Queen Ann’s Lace- of which I had plenty growing in my yard this year-

Wild Carrot- Lunch for Swallow Tail Caterpillars

much to the dismay of the neighbors…
and the police…

who said my yard had “weeds” and was a health hazard
……and charged me with a non traffic violation…

I plead not guilty-
and am in a “compromise” process with the Magistrate-
to save some of the meadow/ and wildflowers…which is a good thing.

But I feel  sad for all the caterpillars that I mowed over as I had to “clean up” the Queen Ann’s lace/aka weeds to  keep everyone else happy….
But what about keeping the Caterpillar happy and safe..with a food source and a home ?

What an amazing thing this Caterpillar can do- Metamorphosis-

I hope man can do the same  someday soon….
from the attachment to mowing grass!

Feline Writer’s Block

Feline Writer's Block

Every Morning I sit down with my cup of Starbucks, full of creative determination-and just like that it sets in-


Before I can even get the computer turned on some version of it shows up and completely bogs down the entire works. This photo shows the “Oliver” variety, which involves a lot of face nuzzling, chirping and the disappearance of the lap. The “Oliver” version of writer’s block also causes the arms not to be long enough to reach the keyboard of the laptop computer-which is now a Kneetop computer.

The “Oliver” version of feline writer’s block was first discovered as a kitten under a teal blue, Thunderbird convertible behind an old barn. Lurking nearby were the “Pandora and Calico” varieties of feline writers block as well.

Each version of Feline Writer’s block presents itself in different ways. The “Calico” version gets involved in the mechanical operation of the process- as in helping to type. The “Pandora” version manifests as the screen chaser, seeing things moving on the screen. For the safety of my laptop/ kneetop causes the complete shutdown and relocation of my portable office.

Who knew something as innocent as a momma cat and her kittens would bring such mayhem into my work place!!!

Calico -typist extraordinaire

However, I would not trade this version of writer’s block for the world!

Now, if I could just train them to go get me more coffee!!

Pandora -the Screen Chaser

Peace with Geese

Photograph by Stephen St. John

A week ago Sunday eve I got a call from the Gardener that I work with that I had better call my “animal” rescue friends to move the geese off the lawns. The death call had been put out for the Geese that dwell on the lawn by the lake -by one of the restaurant owners.

The wedding season was open at ***** *****s – and Brides would be upset that there was goose pooh on the lawn! No matter that the Gardener and the crew always cleaned up the lawn before weddings the owner was in a snit-She was going to find someone to shoot them.

This call caused all else to fall off my creative plate. My Plight of a Plushie blog would have to wait.

I have been consumed with the history, the arrogance, possible solutions and the lack of tolerance towards a resident Canada Goose problem that has been in the making since at least the 1950’s. Not just on Lake *********- but on many of the Mid -Atlantic States lakes and ponds. A problem that started with the over hunting of the migrating Geese, the hand-raising of eggs taken from nests by the over hunters and the realization that Migration is a mentored behavior.

The Geese are a problem because they are just doing what geese do. Hanging out where they live. The notion that man is better than the animals on this Earth is a curious prejudice. That Animals are less than because they walk different, talk different, eat and dress different are the same prejudice templates that some humans place over ethnic and social groups where open prejudices do exist.

The letter below is the one I want to send. A cryptic inner office shoot from the hip straight to the other owner’s heart! A PLEASEEEEEE wake up!!! Do you hear what you are saying?

I have sent no letter yet.

I have instead been gathering information from Geese to find a gentler way to do what the bosses want. In dribs and drabs of little benign emails I have been trying to show  them a different way.

It is Not what I want…for what I want is to be accepting and deal with what presents. Put up a fence, teach the brides to reconnect and realize there is “stuff” in the grass and it is not a failure on any ones part it is just NATURE!

Dear Boss.. I have copied and pasted the last paragraph from the email you wrote responding to the Canada Goose information I sent you -into this letter..
and I preface this all by saying –
it is your restaurant…
and you will do as you wish..
But my hopes are you will re- read the words in your last paragraph & start to look at this Goose situation differently..

HOW can you call the journey you are now attempting to embark upon – calling the organic gardens sustainable –

When words like burden, profitability, inconvenience are used in reference to another living being?

This way of thinking is far from on going and sustainable!

The geese are a particular problem for ***** because of the importance of weddings to our business model.  Brides and grooms love to be outside enjoying *****’s setting when the weather permits; the outdoor campus is a big part of the attraction to the place. When we continually receive complaints about the goose dung, we continually have to clean up the dung (and then deter the geese from returning to the lawn).  The cost tending to the geese is high and it is a burden to *****, one that threatens the profitability of weddings.
Please keep this in mind
.—-the Boss

-I do have this in mind and it makes me sad.

You have been given such a wonderful piece of Mother Earth to be a steward of… it is sad to see how the wildlife which is KEY to the ambiance of the property and all of Earth is viewed as an inconvenience.

A sustainable biodynamic environment does not include labeling living creatures that play a role in that environment (one that is constantly being thrown out of balance by man-) a burden..

We are at a juncture on this journey on Earth where we MUST work with whatever it is that presents itself due to the imbalances WE keep creating……and CREATE balance and harmony and co- existence with all living things.

Eradicating a Sentient being because it is labeled a “problem” or an inconvenience for the sake of making money is not a healthy balanced way to look a keeps perpetuating the imbalances.

The sustainable movement  which is what you want to promote for the Kitchen Garden ,is about re-educating people to see that co-existence is possible, honorable, and necessary ! Wanting something gone that does not fit in with your agenda does not promote co existence!

There is still such a big disconnect from people to  nature -that Humans trump other living beings.
Geese live near and in water.
People like to go see water
Some places where there is water there are geese
And people need to understand sometimes there is goose poop on the lawn by the water because geese live there…!!
it is real simple
it is real life…

and to MAKE it seem like there is something wrong..
Because there is goose poop on the lawn- perpetuates the imbalances…

this un-acceptance of other living things- as less than humans bleeds into everyday living..  and actually sets the tone of un-acceptance towards each other as humans

We  have a responsibility -a stewardship -to show people and remind them that is OK to care about animals..

We need to teach the brides and grooms about the reality of the lawns and you need to be brave enough to know that there are people out there that will get married on the lawn walking around the poo!

And a real simple solution is being mindful-
I work around all kinds of pooh- horse cow dog ..
I WATCH where I walk-No worries and oh well if I do step in it

Our busy hurry up society just needs to watch where they walk…

The lawn by the lake is a living place- That is WHY people are drawn to it… and the geese are part of that living dynamic environment-

Interesting how ********* lake used to be a meandering stream through the woods until man cut down the trees and made it cow pasture with a stream
and then man created a dam to make a lake…
and then the birds came
and now man does not want birds on the lake he created for birds?
And now what? Maybe they want it back to a stream?
Go figure

There are solutions..
But not until words like burden.. Inconvenience. Costs and profits – go away-  your eyes must be soft and open to see ALL the possibilities…

I hope you consider Geese as your solution- or better yet- just leave the geese alone!
Thank you for your time…. Beverly

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress

Can be judged by the way its animals are treated’

~Mahatma Gandhi’

“Not to hurt our humble brethren (the animals) is our first duty to them, but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission – to be of service to them whenever they require it.

If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.”

Saint Francis of Assisi

What Days are These?

Well here I am, a Blogger with a web site.   Encouragement from my Literary Agent, the Creative Conferences & Photographers Group and absolute curiosity about how ALL of  THIS  works-has brought me thus far. I have spent the past hour trying to pick the look that best describes me in  3 seconds or less- since that is all one gets, it seems, as people scroll and click through life these days.

I chose the misty Trees, or I should say the Trees chose me -as I too got  busy clicking and scrolling around  the Word press site in 3 second intervals looking for the perfect page.The page that says I want to be a successful Photo journalist, and write a book, then a screen play into a fabulous movie …here is all my “stuff”

But Trees and leaves – the wind are what I am made of- so why show anything other than that?

I hope your visits here are always filled with great joy- or at the very  least- thought provoking.

Good Night to All – Bev Struble