A ButterFly- disguised as a Caterpillar!

As I was walking down my drive this lovely September Saturday – I spied in the early morning Sun- a very interesting looking Caterpillar trying to look like a flower stem!

I had my trusty mobile phone in hand….

( I still can’t REALLY fathom I can take a picture with my phone and then send it to my wireless laptop computer and then send it all on to you good folks…BUT…..I digress)…..

And got down to ” BUG level” to see what I could see…

What a dapper looking Future Butterfly !

All sleek neat and shiny black body with two shades of lime green rings and sunny yellow dots symmetrically adorning the pre- Chrysalis stage of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly-

THIS is even MORE fascinating than the phone/camera technology!

The METAMORPHOSIS of the Butterfly….
Stop to ponder if you will…
From little eggs..
to larva …
to Caterpillar..
to Cacoon …….to BUTTERFLY!!
And sometimes the Caterpillar sheds and grows a few time before it cacoons!!

That is about 5 costume changes in less than a growing season!!!

The Black Swallowtail Butterfly Caterpillar diet includes Queen Ann’s Lace- of which I had plenty growing in my yard this year-

Wild Carrot- Lunch for Swallow Tail Caterpillars

much to the dismay of the neighbors…
and the police…

who said my yard had “weeds” and was a health hazard
……and charged me with a non traffic violation…

I plead not guilty-
and am in a “compromise” process with the Magistrate-
to save some of the meadow/ and wildflowers…which is a good thing.

But I feel  sad for all the caterpillars that I mowed over as I had to “clean up” the Queen Ann’s lace/aka weeds to  keep everyone else happy….
But what about keeping the Caterpillar happy and safe..with a food source and a home ?

What an amazing thing this Caterpillar can do- Metamorphosis-

I hope man can do the same  someday soon….
from the attachment to mowing grass!